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  • Caterpillar Logistics
    Mexico City
    Caterpillar Logistics Property - Mexico City
  • Johnson & Johnson
    Ciudad Juarez
    Johnson & Johnson Property - Ciudad Juarez
  • Philips Electronics
    Ciudad Juarez
    Philips Electronics Property - Ciudad Juarez
  • Providence Towers
    Dallas, TX
    Providence Towers Property - Dallas, Texas
  • 280 Trumbull Street
    Hartford, CT
    280 Trumbull Street Property - Hartford, Connecticut
  • Yazaki
    Ciudad Chihuahua
    Yazaki Property - Ciudad Chihuahua
  • 750 Main Street
    Hartford, CT
    750 Main Street Property - Hartford, Connecticut
  • Allianz Financial Centre
    Dallas, TX
    Allianz Financial Centre Property - Dallas, Texas
  • Cigna Tower
    Dallas, TX
    Cigna Tower Property - Dallas, Texas
  • Hitachi Transport
    Hitachi Transport Property - Tijuana
  • LiteOn
    Ciudad Juarez
    LiteOn Property - Ciudad Juarez
  • Tyco Electronics
    Ciudad Juarez
    Tyco Electronics Property - Ciudad Juarez
  • Wolverine Tube
    Wolverine Tube Property - Monterrey
  • Honeywell / SunPower
    Honeywell / SunPower Property - Mexicali

Cambridge Realty Partners acquires, develops and manages real estate in the United States and Mexico. The company was founded in 1978 in Hartford, Connecticut and is now headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. Its Mexico operations have been managed from its offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cambridge is a consistent contrarian that has demonstrated an unfailing ability to acquire undervalued assets and recognize mispriced development opportunities. This has resulted in a 35 year track record of producing outstanding risk-adjusted returns to Cambridge’s investors.